Angels and Demons

Ok. So I have been staying with Chico and his roomate Darren. They live in an old character home that is divided into seven suites, I will be moving into one of the lofts on September 1. Anyways. These boys are extremely social and I enjoy that but not always… so the other night when they had some girls over for a bbq I wanted to give them some space so I ate dinner, snuck off through the living room, grabbed the first book I saw on Darren’s shelf and went to bed to read… The book was Angels and Demons. No I haven’t read the DaVinci Code and no I haven’t seen the movie….

Anyways, is any of this true? I am reading it, totally hooked and want to feel like I’m learning something but have a sneaky suspicion that the ‘facts’ in the book that Mr. Brown swears are ‘facts’ are, in fact, a product of his imagination… anways, I am totally fascinated and believing that these things can actually happen in Science, that cool plane actually exists and that yes, the Illuminati are going strong!



I cannot believe the amount of grown women I see exiting the stalls of bathrooms lately and not washing their hands… STOP THE MADNESS!

Nothing Exciting – Just a Quote…

Nothing exciting happened to me today so I thought I’d share my favourite quote. … Mind you, its only 4:30 on a FRIDAY afternoon so who knows what can happen??? =)

Anyways, here is the quote:

“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh and also, my mom has been reading this lately – so HI MOM!

Two Posts Today – couldn’t resist this one…

Ok, a little preface to this. I have a seventeen year old daughter, see pic below… Her father and I have been split up since she was a baby. I raised her on my own and he came back into her life during the terrible teen stage to make an already hairy scary time that much more pleasing … but anyways… I have had to bite my tongue on many occasions over the years… dont want to say too much about him or what he is like to her. I wanted her to form her own opinion and relationship with him. Needless to say, it has been really TOUGH sometimes, but I’ve been pretty good… and then I get this text this morning from my baby girl:

“How did you not beat the crap out of my dad when you were with him? I’m getting pretty close to wanting to”.

Hm, what do you think? I think she’s figured him out! Poor kid. Will keep you posted. =)

Yup somebody lost an eye!

On a happier note… take a peek at this picture of one of my loveliest friends Trisha (yes she’s single!) and her gorgeous, funny, smartass daughter Hailee (my second favourite kid in the world).

And here on the left is my beautiful baby girl Megan. One of the most intelligent, beautiful, amazing creatures I know. Life, energy, resilience, kindness, strength and a drive that matches no other I’ve ever met. Am proud to be her mama.

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