Angels and Demons

Ok. So I have been staying with Chico and his roomate Darren. They live in an old character home that is divided into seven suites, I will be moving into one of the lofts on September 1. Anyways. These boys are extremely social and I enjoy that but not always… so the other night when they had some girls over for a bbq I wanted to give them some space so I ate dinner, snuck off through the living room, grabbed the first book I saw on Darren’s shelf and went to bed to read… The book was Angels and Demons. No I haven’t read the DaVinci Code and no I haven’t seen the movie….

Anyways, is any of this true? I am reading it, totally hooked and want to feel like I’m learning something but have a sneaky suspicion that the ‘facts’ in the book that Mr. Brown swears are ‘facts’ are, in fact, a product of his imagination… anways, I am totally fascinated and believing that these things can actually happen in Science, that cool plane actually exists and that yes, the Illuminati are going strong!


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  1. Theguynextdoortotheguynextdoor said,

    August 25, 2006 at 7:04 pm

    you are still Toronto Kelly….

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