I’m PERFECT the way I am?!?!?

So it’s the eve of my 37th Birthday! Now I’m not one of those women who worries about her age or getting older too much… Of course, I’d like everything on my body to be where it was ten years ago, but whatever. What my birthday does bring around is the question of “What has changed since last year?” Am I in a rut, have any of my goals been met? Am I happy? Do I have new goals, ideas, ambitions???? Am I a better person than I was last year at this time? Have I been more patient, have I loved my family and friends and been there for them? Lots of things pop into my head. I guess most people do this at New Years, but for me the birthday has usually spurred me into making changes. I’m going to think about this over the next few days and come up with a list. Or maybe I’ll just figure out that I am perfect the way I am! =)


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