Naked Neighbour!

The door next to me clicks open Monday night… my new neighbour, Clem, is peeking his head out the door. Cute guy ladies, blond hair, devilish smile … anyways … half his body is hidden behind the door and the other half is out and obviously NAKED…

“Hey Neighbour”. “Oh, hey Clem… thanks for cleaning the foyer, it looks awesome!… I’d come check out what you’ve done with the place… but um … you dont seem to have any clothes on!” “Ok, Kell, maybe some other time.”

Note: This post is intended to encourage my girlfriends to visit me more often… enticing them with man eye candy!!!! Clem is the one with the white hat…. and remember Darren? He is the one on the right in the blue shirt… really have absolutely no idea who the other guys is!

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