Cant keep a girl down for long! (does that sound dirty?)

Ha! Well, all those changes happened or are in the process of happening and I am still here! Nobody died, nobody lost an eye. I’m still kicking and better than ever! Except… for the small head cold problem that feels like the snot in my brain is trying to push through my eyeballs! Ugh and Yuck! Yes, I know, gross!

I am sitting at work, in my new desk listening to Blue Rodeo greatest hits (they actually have their own radio on the website that plays all Blue Rodeo, all the time – I know further proof I am a loser) anyways… back to my thought…. In my new desk and thinking well ok, you are surviving the ups and downs and changes – BUT WHAT NOW?! Actually, I am more than surviving. … I am simply on fire at work. A fricken genius really. =) =) Seriously, if I cannot toot my own horn – who will?

Ok, I’m done. Have a great day.

ps Thanks Jasmine (Jen’s sister) for your lovely comments. I am enjoying your blog too. Very much. KEEP UPDATING! Looking forward to hearing about your Bhangra lessons with Jen… nothing better than a little ‘lightbulb dance’ to brighten your day! Remind me to tell you about New Years 2005 – serious lightbulb dance experience!


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