Two posts today –

My new favourite lip stuff!!!

Ok, those of you who know me know I am not a big makeup girl. Wont spend a lot of money on it and anything good I own (like the MAC) was bought by my mom or my sis. Actually, come to think of it all my favourite work clothes were presents from them too. Hm. I am seeing a pattern. OMG! My favourite coat and bag too (Lululemon –thanks Mandy and Mom!)…

anyways, not the point…

This is it.

This is the product. Revlon “Just Bitten”.

Lip stain. It makes my lips look like the colour I should have been born with! Nice. Very nice. Actually it is kind of like the colour your lips go when you drink red wine but without the annoying teeth stains!

And if anyone is interested (pretty girls on buses) … it tastes like berries! =)


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