gratitude for my friend

thank you chico

thank you for knowing me as well as you do and loving me anyways…

thank you for your text last night … just knowing you care makes it all simmer down …

may you get back ten thousand times as much love in your life as you give out.


…. and may you get ten thousand spankings for that devious, very male side of you… the good kind of spankings! =)))))


honesty and integrity

******edit/addition******* Please tell me what you think in the comments… I am genuinely curious …

See Chico’s comments on the movie here (very bad boy):

nurture vs. nature

as in …

for me: is it my nature to be ‘sensitive’ … ‘sensitive’ in the good way and/or overly ‘sensitive’ in the bad way …

or good deeds/bad deeds?

My question of the day:

Is one born good (or bad) as the case may be?

This question stems from watching Blood Diamond last night.

I watched just over half of it. My heart was pounding so fast and the tears were threatening to break away and I just wasn’t enjoying it. I am sensitive. Dammit. It kills me to think of the atrocities that human beings inflict on one another and it amazes me to see what one can live through, survive, pull themselves and their families through and move forward and live in the face of events that one would not want to live through. It shames me to think of the things I claim to not be able to handle in my own life. Do any of us know know real tragedy, pain or loss? In the truest sense?

My point/question stems from this scenario in the movie:

Leonardo’s character: “Just tell them you are the cameraman and they will let you on the plane.”

Djimon Housoun’s character: “I cannot.”

L: “Why”

D: “Because I am not a cameraman.”

Simple. He cannot say it because it is a lie. It doesn’t matter that it was for all the right reasons, for the greater good… he ends up doing it but is genuinely confounded by the idea of the simple lie.

Was this man and others like him born this way? Was this honest way of living created through his belief system, the way he was brought up or incidents in his life that made him choose to be good???

In quite the opposite scenario does someone who does the wrong thing choose wrong or is it as simple as it being in your nature to act one way or another? Are the good ones, just choosing to be good and therefore their instincts, or the first thoughts in their minds not naturally leaning in the right direction?? Do they do good because they choose too?

I really wish I hadn’t started thinking about this… too many questions. Lets just go back to the Victoria’s Secret supermodels instead! =)

spring fever continues …

and this picture pretty much says it all.

from victoria’s secret …

I want This: And this:

And THIS!:

and more proof (as if you needed any) that i am a total loser

Me and Meg standing in Chapters:


Dutiful daughter – rushing over… “what mama, what?”

“FINGER PUPPETS!” “Greatest writers of all time, FINGER PUPPETS!”

“Finger puppets?” *See eyeroll combined with pulling hair over her face trying to hide the fact she is with me.*

“Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Virginia Wolfe and Charles Dickens!!!!!!!!!! They are magnetic! It says right here on the box -“You can put them on your fridge when the show’s over!!” “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa!”

“Mama, you’re nuts.”

“Possibly, but I. WANT. THEM.”

*Suddenly the child reels in her laughter and get serious for a second …* “Mama, maybe you should think about it and wait for payday.” “You may not think these are so great tomorrow.” *Snicker, snicker*

“Maybe, but how much do you think would be tooooo much for finger puppets. Seriously.” *Both of us close to tears now …*

Seriously. Like as if I would suddenly have the need for finger puppets …. ok, fine I wouldn’t pay more than 25.00 bucks!”

“HA, they are 24.00!”

And that was it … we started laughing so hard we had to leave the store …

Minutes later … sitting at my desk… dreaming of finger puppets … dammit… I should have bought them!

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