a good morning starts with blue rodeo playing on my computer and a mcgriddle … or two …

just a couple of quick things this morning…

1. Meg is coming home to stay with me for awhile! Nothing is more important in my world than this. Yippee, happy mama.

Note to self – put away the books you pass off as ‘short stories’, the toys and well, other unmentionables! =)

2. I need a phone that vibrates just like that one. Please and thank you very much … especially if I have to put the toys away.

3. Babel – good movie. Worth staying up late for. Cate Blanchett is still hot even with the blood oozing out of her neck and the little problem of peeing herself.

4. Tonite – a few women, a few teenage girls (mine included), some good food (thank you Jenn) and Grey’s Anatomy. Perfection.

5. Sarnia sucks. =)


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