he is just not that into you

Disclaimer No. 1: If you are in the middle of a break-up, think you may be about to break-up, are sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, checking your email every forty seconds or anything of the like… do not read this today… =)

Today is not the day.

He Just Isn’t That Into You.

Remember that book? Well if you do not, look it up. Fun read. My friend Trisha received it last year from a friend to help her through a break-up. Trisha and I laughed like idiots reading the thing. Seriously, doubled over, tears down our face, laughing out loud at ourselves and all the things we recognized in the book to be OUR major dating mistakes. If you were a fly on the wall you would have heard us say (too many times for comfort) “Oh oh, fuck, shit, damn it to hell – I’ve done THAT a hundred times – oh oh, and that too… Oh crap, I have to buy ten cats now!”…

The book caused a major uproar! And not just with us. It hit the papers, talk show circuits and there were sightings of crying girls all over North America with that book in their hands.

The reason for the uproar – BECAUSE IT MADE SENSE. And no one has found it harder to realize this than me. =)

Disclaimer No. 2: This next paragraph is about no one specific. It is a mishmash of my friends, acquaintances, and my own past, present and probably future situations… just a bit of fun to remind us that we are all human when it comes to the big beautiful world of DATING …

Barring extreme circumstances, if two people genuinely want to be together, they will find a way. If someone wants to see you, talk to you, and spend time with you – they will. If they cannot find time because of work, family or life circumstances they will text, email, call, send gifts, messages, flowers – he or she will let you know how they feel in other ways. They will do anything in their power to make sure you do not slip through their fingers while they are taking care of other things (right??).

The problem is, and we’ve all been guilty of it, we get our hopes up, don’t listen to what we are really being told and make excuses for why something just isn’t happening just to allow ourselves to hope for a little longer.

If you tell someone you love them and the response is “Thank you”. He or she did not misunderstand or mishear you; they just do not feel the same way. If you are at home waiting by the phone and thinking the damn phone doesn’t work because the ‘one’ hasn’t called – go out, have some fun with your friends. Your phone is fine. If you tell someone you are going to miss them and the response is, “Wow, my day was busy, how was yours?” You are friends, as in friends in the way friends are friends not something else. =( If they say they want to be friends and you hang out all the time and enjoy it, enjoy that part of it and move on … I know I sound harsh but you know what? These are all good things for us to know because while we were waiting at home for the phone to ring, or trying to ‘work it out’ for the hundredth time, maybe ‘the one’ was out having fun with his or her friends and we missed the perfect opportunity to get him or her to buy us our favourite drink! =)

Ask yourself – do you want the “one” buying some other cutie YOUR drink?

I think not.


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