coming up for air and thank you.

boys will be boys

My friend Chico pretty much didn’t leave my side all weekend. He didn’t make me talk about it, there was just an understanding that things are a bit tough and we go about our day … Except for his mysterious Friday night outing to who knows where, with who knows who (that Johnny kid has always been trouble! haha) … I/we keep that kind of stuff on a need-to-know basis … other than that few hours there … he was there. And I am so grateful.

Between him, my mom’s unwavering support and an interesting Sunday outing, I feel completely taken care of! Thank you.

In his quest for making my face turn back into a smile Chico took me to Locus on Main for dinner on Saturday. He was very good about me arguing (again) about never being to Locus when, in fact, we had been … my memory is good, just not so long … =)

Sitting side by side at the bar having dinner I got a little mushy (who me??) and turned to him to put my face in his neck and give him a big hug to thank him for being there …

“Stop it. You’re making me frisky.”

“What? I’m just hugging you!”

Me being obnoxious – “Is it cuz I’m so pretty?” tee hee

“Yesssss.” – with eyeroll for emphasis.

More obnoxious – “You know I’m a pretty fantastic person too.”

“Yes, but its not your sparkling personality that gives me a boner.”



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