just today stuff

today’s song: Make Up Your Mind – Theory of A Deadman – love this song

See Video here:


today’s smiles: nice plans for the weekend, carpets being cleaned today, figured out how to charge my music thingy and bought a new flat iron so I have fabulous hair today!!! =)))

today’s =(: chico left for Toronto – hope he has a great time though!

today’s stresses: the same =( but working on it. my heart is still a little heavy.

today’s weather: awesome!

today’s goal: visit the ocean again after work – did this yesterday and it was a great way to end my work day

today’s pet peeve: pointy shoe brigade that give you ‘the once over’ as you walk down the street – EXCUSE me for choosing comfort over beauty! =)))


1 Comment

  1. MARFSBABY said,

    March 14, 2007 at 10:29 am

    Today’s smile: not going to happen

    Today’s stresses: My broken snapped off bangs are sticking up more than usual and look stupider than ever.

    Today’s goal: get through day with out releasing the hormonal fury that boils within me


    Tomorrow’s forecast: Lookin’ pretty good.

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