will you marry me? … this is what pms does to a normally sane woman …

Email conversation … poor Chico:

will you marry me?

Right now ???

… or tomorrow. this weekend maybe?

I thought you didn’t want to get married.

I dont want to get regular married, like normal people. I want to marry

OK…….not “regular married “so what kind of marriage are you proposing
here lady ??? You still get to date pretty women ????

So can you.

So we’re living together, I get home cooked meals, and we both get to date
other people….hmmmmm, sounds like a great idea….1 or 2 bedrooms ??

Two but I get to snuggle.

he decides to call:

Cue Chico’s nervous laugh:

Whatcha’ doing?

Working. So can we?

Someday. Later.

Someday? Ok when?

More nervous laughter….

Not right now… terror level is going up to orange … and lay off the cough syrup Lady.

Dont say I never asked!


1 Comment

  1. MARFSBABY said,

    March 23, 2007 at 7:50 am

    You’ll be ok girl, we can have a Benalyn martini tonight and it’ll all be good. And it’s probably only another day or so before you’re not scaring people anymore.

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