they make me happy enough to dance on the cambie street bridge …

Chico bought me these

you can say it. I’m spoiled.

I love them. I really really really love them.

I feel pretty and happy and did I say pretty(?) in them …

I even named them! =))))))


i have issues

I know this does not come as shocking news to most of you who know me well … but for those of you who dont …

I dont like hair.

I dont like germs.

I dont like sharing my bathroom unless I’m sleeping with you.

I definately dont like shoes in the house.

Do not even think of sitting on public transit and then sitting on my couch.

The list goes on and on and on.

Really, we’ve only scratched the surface.

The main reason this is coming up today is because someone who I would say is fairly close to me just about made my head pop off yesterday! Apparently, she had NO idea the types of things that gross me out. Or she thought I was kidding or it was justly mildly grossed out.

Yesterday, I found out … wait for it … Hockey.

Doesn’t matter if you have the money for new ones. Doesn’t matter.

Do you realize This means that: someone elses.ASSsweat.touches.YOUR.ass.

Um yuck.

Chico, help me here. Explain in my comments just how much medication was probably needed to stop me from having a panick attack yesterday when I heard this.

To make matters worse, the NEW hockey pants are really only 30 to 40 dollars more than the used asssweat ones… so really one is CHOOSING to smell like another person’s ass sweat.

I have a headache now and need to go buy some antibacterial wet wipes.

are we all just waiting for the ‘one’ to come home?

I have a lot of people in my life right now that are pining, waiting for, or trying to get over the ‘one’. A few of them are in loving, stable relationships but a piece of their heart resides with the ‘one’.

Do we all do this?

Spend time with one another, meet others and run around filling our time until the ‘one’ comes back to his or her proper place? If you really feel like you should be with the ‘one’ can someone else actually distract you enough to make you move forward?

Does anyone ever fall for their ‘distraction’ while waiting for the ‘one’ to come back?

It has never worked for me. The person in my heart is just there and has been stuck there it seems forever. But who knows, I’ll give anything a try. =) Dating is a hard job, but someone has to do it! =)

What is that ridiculous saying (or was it a song?) “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with?”. There are a lot of people trying that out right now. I think at some point everyone must try it?

This entry sounds a little like I am talking in riddles or codes or have little secrets. Maybe I do, maybe I dont but it is my blog and I’m the star of this show and sometimes I need to write things out without actually telling you all anything! A girl has to have some secrets!

Anyways – Megan (the daughter) – I think mama might finally be cool (so NOT). Last night, on a school night no less(!), I ended up at a party in an old converted church with a bunch of physicists! Mama stayed up past 10 pm! I was drinking water and taking aspirin by midnight but still… =)

The word debauchery came up. It is now my word of the day.


1. excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures; intemperance.
2. archaic. seduction from duty, allegiance, or virtue.

…As in Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, Motley Crue, Theory of A Deadman and Default – all of which I am giving up today to listen to a gift I was given yesterday: a mixed cd which includes Sarah Harmer, Amos Lee, Ani DiFranco and Jane Siberry.

Wish me luck, I’m branching out!

today’s pet peeve

… people that cannot staple or hole punch straight…

Yes, I am that anal.

second posting today … mom and carole

Here is a little hello and an introduction to my mom and to her best friend Carole. We grew up with Carole so my sister and I call her Auntie Carole.

My mom has been reading my blog from conception. She now knows more about me than she ever wanted to know! She took a little break from reading it while her computer was at the computer hospital so I know she must be doing some serious reading to catch up on my life. Like, I said before Mom, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

I never put anything mean or unkind about anyone in here but it can get a little, um – personal!

Yesterday, mom taught herself how to comment on my blog. Yippee for mom! She says she will try to disguise herself next time so watch out for ‘Tink’ because that’ll be her!

So Auntie Carole if you are reading this, you and mom are the stars of my blog today. I hope you leave comments too because you never fail to make me chuckle! Dont try to hide your identity though… I’ll out ya’!

Much love,

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