… as alanis would say

… ironic (or is it just tragic?)

I have love in my life. I am loved. I lust. I am lusted after. I love. I am in love. And yes, I believe loving someone and being in love are two totally different things and I feel both of them, separately. The problem (and where the irony/tragedy of it all comes in) is that none of these loves, lusts, people are the same.

When you look at it on paper, it all looks good doesn’t it? But when you do the math it just doesn’t work out in Kelly’s favour. Wouldnt it be superb if who I loved, who I am in love with, who I lust after and who lusts after me, loves me were all one in the same? It all comes down to timing I think and mine is off. Way off. =)

Could you all just get it together? Or maybe I should? Dunno. Anyways,

Rats. =)


… extra long weekend

Wasn’t that rain amazing last night? I was lucky enough to be listening to it beside an open door hitting the water in the harbour. As much as I would like the summer weather to start, I would not have traded that rain last night for anything.

This is my last day of work until Wednesday. I took an extra day and am going to make it a ‘me’ weekend. I want to read, walk, get a little exercise and wind down. Other than Canada day celebrations and a bbq at the house on Sunday night, I am going to stay close to home and look after myself.

Nothing much to write today, I am happy, and feeling content. Hope you all have a fantastic Canada Day long weekend.

Much love,

… kissing …

Could you please put your hand on the back of my neck …
pull me around and close to your face …
close enough to smell your peppermint gum …
long enough to look into your kind eyes …
and to remember just how long it has been since you really kissed me …

… good to know …

Kelly with too much overtime + no dinner + a view of the ocean + a few too many glasses of wine + good company = kelly spilling all her secrets!

Yikes! Way to go Oilers Fan. You owe me about 1000 secrets!

… Happy Birthday Megan…

This is a pic of my daughter and her boyfriend Jordan… ah to be eighteen and in love!
Everyone send my daughter Megan some love for her eighteenth birthday!

Love you girl!
So fellow bloggers, readers, fans, loved ones and passersby… I think we should give my young baby girl some pearls of wisdom for her eighteenth… ready, set, GO!!!

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