an impromptu poll

The question:

Am I the only one NOT having cybersex?  (Or any sex for that matter?  Do NOT answer that one …)


I have heard from a few people lately that their ‘bits’ have been on the web lately…  Or on the phone … texting sex?  Really???

I must be a prude.

So tell all readers, anonymously if you must.  Although, if your bits are out there anyways, that ship has sailed!

I’ll warn my mom not to read!!!!


learned tonight: there are no rules…

… to life.


… or to handle life’s issues.

One of my blogging friends is in town for a few days.  While out tonight we were talking about our respective ‘ocd’ issues.  We found out we are handling some very similar issues in EXACT opposite ways.

While she is trying to change her ways by letting go a little more and choosing to accept that all things cannot always be in ‘order’ (brave!) … I have been embracing these little quirks for the first time in my life.  Just going with it instead of hiding it and feeling all irritable.  If I feel like straightening the books at Chapters while I pass them, dammit I will.  So there.  If it bothers me that the labels on my files are not in the same font, facing the same way then dammit when I have a second, I will change them.  If Monday mornings it makes me happy to start my week off with a bottle of windex and a roll of paper towel to clean my desk surfaces, then so be it.  If it makes me feel better to get the house all cleaned and in order before I go out the door or relax for the evening then I am going to take the time to do those things.

It was nice to talk to a friend about this.  To recognize there is no right or wrong way to deal with life’s challenges.  That there is no damned rule book – what works for one person may not work for another.

Anyways, because I have written about her fun quirks on here I havent told you which blogging friend she is … if she reads this and comments hopefully she will let you know who she is so you can visit her site too.  She is a beautiful writer.  And person.

Ok, blogging friends, I am off to watch the Samantha Who marathon.  Cute show.  Check it out.

“What if you had the chance to start over, to do it all again? For Samantha Newly (Ms. Applegate), this fantasy becomes a reality after a hit-and-run accident leaves her in an eight-day coma. When she awakens in the hospital, she is surrounded by family and friends. The only problem is that she has no idea who they are – or who she is. Sam quickly discovers she was a horrible person. Vain, selfish and potentially surrounded by far more enemies than friends. She makes a conscious decision to improve herself moving forward. She vows to make better choices, even though her instincts may not always steer her in the right direction …”

I am going to visit all of you on commercial breaks.  I suspect you have all been up to no good!

i am spoiled!

I have a sister and mom who know EXACTLY what I like to wear and EXACTLY what size I wear it in.  Clothes, shoes, undies, you name it, I got it from them!

I have a best friend (aka Chico) who always buys me too much no matter what limit we set.  This year we gave each other stocking stuffers and in the toe of my stocking … da da da da, I found my favourite perfume!  MAC!  Happy NerdGirl.


Cool, calm, and classic. Vanilla teased with lemon, melted with lavender creme, and then given a warming shot of vanilla bourbon mixed with vanilla mousse and heliotrope.  This is the scent I should have been born with and damn, do I smell good!

My beautiful baby girl has a good job now and used her own paycheck to buy me two necklaces, some very positive stickers for my fridge and a t-shirt that I wanted from the store she works in.  Everything she picked was so thoughtful and I am a lucky mommy.

On top of all that there were presents from my wonderful boss for both me and Calamity Jane, lovely gifts from my stepbrother and my stepbrother.

And if all these presents were not enough … I had some wonderful family and friend moments this Christmas and got to wash it all down with my mom’s fabulous cooking!

And the topper …

It snowed – on Christmas day (which is rare where I live)!

All in all I count myself as blessed.

… and all was quiet …


The presents are wrapped.

The spiced rum bottle is empty.

Chico is upstairs snoring.

I expect the fat man will be here soon.

Merry Christmas friends.

I love you all.


love the concept:

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely.

love the word.

The movie is on right now.


Pure cheese.  Love it.  Please watch it with me.  It is on the W channel right now!

Who doesn’t love John Cusack?  And Kate Beckinsale!  yowsa!

I’ll make the popcorn, you bring the wine!

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