I am so lucky!  Megan came over after work tonight to help me finish packing!

She got so much done.  I was dreading packing all my breakables so she did it for me.  Wrapped them all up safe and boxed them up!


What’s next?

Tomorrow the POD gets here.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The POD:


Genius.  (Me, of course.)

Tomorrow while I am at work they will drop the POD off.

Tomorrow after work we will load the POD with all the boxes and furniture I am keeping.

While I am at work Thursday they will pick up the POD and drop it off in front of my new apartment building.

They do not take it back until Saturday to give me time to unload at my leisure.

When you have to move mid work week, I think this is a GRAND idea… If I do say say so myself!

Because I am moving into a bachelor suite I am getting a sofabed instead of keeping my bed and couch.

This will be arriving Saturday morning at my new place:


… for $400, taxes and delivery included!  Yippee~ and thank you for helping me get that deal!

And Megan, thank you for all your help, I am all set for the POD to land!  =)


keep very very still …



sunday morning rituals

I am sitting on the couch in my blanket with kitty … Coronation Street is on and I am waiting for Chico to return with my beloved McGriddles!  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Chico!?

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday morning too!

PS, NerdGirl may or may not have had a date last night.  And she may or may not have looked like Courtney Cox.  And NerdGirl may or may not have looked pretty darn good.  =)



I’m feeling a little blue tonight.

I shouldn’t be.  I have a new home to look forward to.  I had a long walk in the crisp air with my mom at lunch.  Work is going well.  Kitty is beside me.  I have a lot of packing already done.  These are all good things…

…Do you ever feel a little insignificant and alone in the world?

Sometimes I just feel that way.  It will pass.  But for tonight the feeling is hanging around like a cloud over my head.

so not homeless!


I found a place. 

A cute little bachelor suite with hardwood floors in an old three story brick walk-up building.

It is located in the West End of Vancouver about ten blocks from the ocean!

So instead of reading your blogs like I want to – I am packing – because I move next Thursday!

And I could really use a hand … nobody wants to help move during the week when they have to work the next day.  =(

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