quote (and one with which I couldn’t agree more right now)

Taken from the Prologue of White Teeth, Zadie Smith

“Every little trifle, for some reason, does seem incalculably important today, and when you say of a thing that “nothing hangs on it” it sounds like blasphemy.  There’s never any knowing – how am I to put it? – which of our actions, which of our idlenesses won’t’have things hanging on it for ever.”

Where Angels Fear to Tread, E.M. Forster


good things on a saturday afternoon

  • a deal on a new vacuum
  • a morning walk in the West End
  • a whole new set of containers for leftovers (a gift!)
  • lunch and an Earl Grey tea at the Fountainhead Pub with Chico
  • A gorgeous brown curtain rod for my living room window reduced from 34.99 to 17.49 to 8.50!!!
  • Being back home with a loaf of squishy Cobbs bread and the W Channel sappy girl shows
  • Cuddling with kitty
  • Seeing an old friend on the front page of a local neighbourhood paper

I hope you are all having a beautiful Saturday!

who me?

Me?  I’m just lying here nose to nose with my purring little Janey.

One little gray paw on my cheek. 

I love her.

barry barry quite contrary

Calamity was all happy and sleeping beside Chico.
Barry Manilow came on t.v.
Kitty freaked out.
Does not like Barry it seems.
We turned it off.
She’s fine now. Very interesting.

chinese proverb

“I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand.”

Stolen with permission from “T“.

Head on over and experience this multi-talented gentleman.  He creates beautiful words and images that inspire us to experience the world outside of our own heads.

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