Love Day continued…

Didn’t my first post about Love Day sound beautiful?

Kind of went downhill from there.

When I wrote that post I hadn’t been able to sleep because of a really bad cough I developed over the last couple of days.  I wrote that post early and decided to head into work early.  I figured if I couldn’t sleep I may as well get my lawyers ready for their respective trips next week.

I’m a silly rabbit.  Things didn’t exactly go that way.

There has been a bad virus going around our office and I was kidding myself thinking my asthma was bothering me and I had a ‘little’ cough.  By the time everyone else started rolling into the office I couldnt stop coughing.  And breathing was difficult.  I was taking really shallow breaths, my inhaler was not working on my breathing issues and my hands were numb.  I sat down and said to “S” my  boss, “um I think something’s wrong, can you call Chico”. 

It was hospital time.

Now do not go thinking this went from zero to sixty in an hour.  I knew, deep down, I wasn’t well.  I just figured it would get better.  Big strong NerdGirl.  Got a cough, lungs hurt, can’t sleep, why of course – go to work – EARLY!  =)

I could barely walk without feeling like I was going to faint and my lips were going numb, along with my hands and feet.  Luckily one of the girls at work was kind enough to walk me downstairs and wait with me for Chico’s Chariot.  And “S” my boss kept checking on me even though she had a motion in court within the half hour (I work for a sweetie!).

Cheek showed up and we went to St. Pauls Hospital.  They took one look at me and stuck me on oxygen and ventolin and maybe something else.  Kind of a blur.

It wasn’t helping.  My breathe got shallower and I ended up feeling like I was going to faint.  I couldn’t seem to stop breathing fast and short and hard.  Possibly a little NerdGirl panic going on too … anyways, about that time I whisked off to a room!  By this time I was faint, the lips and face were going numb and I had hyperventilated so my hands had gone stiff.  Sitting upright in the chair wasn’t going to cut it much longer anyways.

Doc came in.  I have a virus in my lungs.  No antibiotics will help that.  And combined with asthma, I am in for a bit of a ride!  He gave me something to help me sleep so I spent the better part of Valentines Day in St. Pauls Hospital vascillating between the sweet relief of sleep and the coughing fits felt like I was going to finally cough up the rocks I was sure were placed in my lungs when I wasn’t looking.  Eventually they needed the bed space in Emerg so the doc came to talk to me for a bit … he thought it was a bit ironic that I wanted my lungs to be feeling better in time to do my Sheraton Wall Centre Climb for the BC Lung Association on Sunday!  Argh.

I got home around dinnertime.  (Looking back now, I shouldn’t have left so soon.)  I had drugs in hand and a different inhaler.  I was pretty delirious when the doc talked to me so what he told me was for is a bit of a blur. 

I settled into jammies, Chico went back to work and I coughed for hours.

This is hard for me to admit:

Being a woman who really likes being alone, living alone and having alone time….  But I will say it anyways…. It sucks to be alone when you are this ill.  I felt so faint that getting to the bathroom or refilling water was a no go.  My mom and stepdad are on a cruise and I couldnt get a hold of my sister.  Megan offered to come out but it felt funny taking the help from my daughter (idiot I know!)  Chico came back around 9 pm with some food and juice.  I took some codeine the doc gave me and it calmed my lungs down long enough to sleep for awhile. 

So here I am up again.  Its very early in the morning.  It is hard to sleep as it is because my new sofabed broke already and cannot be used in the down position.  The bastards that sold it to me wont call me back so its the floor or the small couch position. …. it is around 2 a.m.  The cat is scared to come near me because my cough sounds like a farm animal lives in my chest.  Chico is sleeping on the floor (snoring).  It makes me feel secure knowing he is here for the night.

Oh yeah, earlier in the evening I sucked it up and asked Megan to come help out tomorrow.  So my lovely girl will be here to help her mama out before she goes to work in the afternoon.  I hate depending on her for something like this – its MY job to look after her – but I need some help and she is such a lovely kid that she is more than willing to go grab my prescriptions and make sure if Im feeling faint again that I make it to the bathroom!  fun fun fun!  At least this way Chico will be able to work today without interruption – I am feeling like a burden. 

Ok blogging friends I am going to see what is in the bag of goodies the hospital doc gave me – hopefully there is something that will get me back to sleep and stop coughing again for a bit.  My lungs hurt.  Bad.

At some point tomorrow I will read your blogs.  I hope you guys got at least a kiss on Valentines Day!  =)



  1. sizzlesays said,

    February 15, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    oh dear, no! that sounds dreadful. i’m worried about you. i’m glad you have your daughter and chico to help. get help! i am like that too so i understand but when i fainted and had the concussion? i had to admit i needed people. i needed help. so rest and get the help you need and take it easy, please.

    thinking healing thoughts for you.


  2. ocb said,

    February 15, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    ah jeez thats scary! I hope you feel better real soon hon.

  3. prin said,

    February 19, 2008 at 7:43 pm


    We all need help sometimes.

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