Last night was fun. Here is the proof:  a smiling NerdGirl!


It involved a live band, being up past ten pm, a few drinks and a date!

~  More later after my nap ~


down day


Today was littered with disappointment.

I know that some days we will feel let down and unhappy.

I know that everyday cannot be perfect.

But do the disappointments need to come at you all in one day?

Perhaps something pleasing will come my way tomorrow …

detox, sunburns and peppermint

On my walk home from work tonight I found myself walking into a store I usually avoid.  Saje.

I suffer from frequent, sometimes debilitating headaches that seem to go hand in hand with certain smells, especially perfume.  As a result I usually avoid stores with scent.  Today I found myself in Saje laughing with a cute salesgirl and handing over my bank card for this,  and this.  And of course a cute diffuser from Thailand to diffuse that wonderful peppermint smell throughout my house!

I know what you are thinking – NerdGirl got taken in by a cute girl with a pretty smile!  Nope.  Not at all. Really!  I have faith that there is something to this natural healing.  We will see.   Then you can all say, I told you so!

Quick question blogland – have any of you tried one of those topical detox kits?  They apparently draw toxins from your body through the pads of your feet while you sleep.  I would love to know (good or bad) how it worked out for you.

Oh yes, let’s not forget the sunburn part of today’s blog entry.  My friend BigHair just got home from her vacation in Belize.  She sent me some pictures, one of which is sunburned boobs… and then says I cannot post the boob pic!  Arg.  No fun!

Here is one of the boring ones instead:


You have to admit she is pretty cute – even without the boob shot! =)

One more thing and then I will let you all go – remember when I said that my childhood friend Angela was coming for a visit ?  Well here is a pic of the two of us… try and ignore NerdGirl’s three chins!


I’ve known Angela since we were kids.  But as often happens as adults, we move to other cities, marry, have children and grow apart.  I haven’t seen her in years.  She hasn’t aged one second.

The minute I sat down with Ang it felt like we had never been apart!

And last, but not least.  Thank you for lunch MHM

“m” is for megan …


In honour of my beautiful spirited daughter …


Come in.
I’ve been waiting for you.
There’s a knock on the door
And love walks through.

And lights the fire, smiles…the smile,
As though love were going to stay awhile.

And the fire breathes
And weaves its spell.
But then, love runs out of lies to tell.

For love is restless.
Love’s a flirt.
It has places to go
And people to hurt.

Here’s the shovel
To smother the flame.
Tomorrow you’ll barely
Remember my name.

And I’ll try to forget you,
My deareast one,
As a prisoner tries to forget the sun.

For life holds no purpose…
Love holds no charms
Since I beheld you
In another’s arms.

From the movie ‘Til There Was You


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