2 nights 2 plays 2 dates 1 girl

Tonight am going to this play with Paula:

Vancouver’s Boca del Lupo, Electric Company, Felix Culpa, Leaky Heaven Circus, neworldtheatre, The Only Animal, Radix, Rumble Productions, Theatre Replacement, Theatre Conspiracy and Victoria’s Theatre SKAM
Commissioned by
Magnetic North Theatre Festival

11 local companies perform 11 separate pieces in continuous rotation. Brace yourself for a carnival side-show, a piece of toy drama, a post-modern slice of faux dinner theatre … or different combinations of all that and more. The audience’s experience is entirely self-directed, and there’s always a lounge for shouting and a central party space to buzz the night away.

HIVE2. Don’t miss your chance to get pollinated. There will be more room this time.

Warning: Smoke, nudity, foul language and gunshots are all within the realm of possibility… Or none of the above

and tomorrow night this one:

Written by
Celia McBride
Directed by
Kelly Thornton
Sour Brides Theatre

What happens when tragedy shatters your happy marriage? Do you withdraw into the bottle? Into the television? Into endless support groups? In the Far North, grief divides four people and isolates them more effectively than geography ever could.

Warning: Adult/Sexual Content and Language

can you say spoiled NerdGirl?


1 Comment

  1. syd said,

    June 12, 2008 at 11:46 am

    Smoke, nudity, foul language and gunshots?

    I may need a moment alone.

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