best friends

My daughter Megan and her friend Krystal … Beautiful Girls!!


Facebook woes


First an oops and then a little bit of a whine …

The big oops…

There is a cool event coming up. 

Terminal City Roller Girls – Derby Night in Canada!

NerdGirl was invited to go with a friend from work, Brenda, and her little girl Ceilidh.  I decide to ask my friend Paula (remember her?) and pop on Facebook to send her the invite.  Sounds good eh?  …

… I start typing in Paula and Facebook automatically starts pulling up friend’s names in Facebook and I was NOT paying attention when I landed on Paul instead of Paula and proceed to invite a very married Paul to Roller Derby night with the attached message “You gotta come out to this event with me … hot girls and a fun night”.


Five minutes later he messages me back and ACCEPTS the invite.  WTF?!?

Now if this was one of my current guy friends that I hang with on a regular basis then this would be ok, normal even, but this is a former married coworker!  gah!

So internet any suggestions on how to get out of this now???  Come on puhlease fix this one for me!

And now on to the whining portion of today’s post.  I am soooo sad.  My latest addiction – Scrabulous – has been shut down from Facebook, lawsuit pending!  Stupid Hasbro.  Copyright infringements Whatevs!

boo.  double boo.  What the heck am I supposed to do with my evenings now?

random stuff

My mom is texting.  Its awesome.  She is texting like a pro!  Shortcut words and all.  “We r on our way to Caroles.  Good luck with ur hair.”  Too freaking cute.

Good luck with the hair she says … Well here is the new ‘do…

To all my friends and family in Vancouver – I completely recommend my hairdresser.  She will come to you, is a perfectionist, has amazing rates, is quite talented and sweet … and cute as a button!  Email me for her contact information if you are interested …

Moving along …

Junior and I had a nice walk with my friend Paula tonight.  Here she is all pretty and back from a cruise.

Here is some more pics from our walk.  Wouldn’t it be great to live up where that tree is?

Especially with this view?

Ok, off to sleep.

Night all!

I had to have it …


… So guess what?  They put it on sale!  Just for me!  I can lie to myself if I want to!

Love it or hate it?

      … Wait, I’m sensitive – don’t answer that!’


I feel very blessed tonight.
I have had ups and downs.
I have had real problems.
Found real solutions.
Experienced real loss.
I have been loved, left and unliked.
I have been good, giving, unkind, loving, needy, independent.
I am a whole person.
I would not change a thing.
These experiences have made me who I am.
The good and not so good.
These experiences have made me appreciate the little things.
Right now the little things are brilliant.
Two doggies by my side.
Panting in happiness.
Sly doggy smiles.
Wet kisses.
A kitten trying to help me type.
A daughter loving me through the internet lines.
Sharing in happy news with my sister.
New friends making me smile.
A gentle breeze through my curtains full of fur.
This is life.
Real life.

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