junior as a matchmaker?

I was carrying a load of stuff home so I let Junior off his lead as we got close to the apartment.  As we walked past the firehall Junior heard the men inside the door laughing and ran right in!  I called him “hey bud, no cant go in there!” … he stops like a good boy… turns his head to look at me and then looks at them and then looks at me – as if to say “Um, mama, I got you in the door, the rest is up to you!”… all the guys were standing in the doorway laughing at him obviously trying to get me to follow him in!  No firegirls today, perhaps we will have to take that route again someday?

So ladies and gentlemen if any of you are wanting to be set up with a fireman/woman then come and take my Junior for a walk!


everything is as it should be

Coronation Street is back on.  Finally.  Bye bye Olympics, hello bad acting and high drama!

Happy Birthday Mandy!!

My gorgeous and successful sister turns 31 today.  Happy Birthday Mandy!  Have a great day – hell make it a Birthday Week!

Enjoy your Diva Cupcake for breakfast!

my little fisherman

So a girl and her doggie were walking in their neighbourhood one night.  The girl stops to look at a garden and doggie sniffs around a parked car.  Girl hears a scrambling and can see nothing but doggie’s butt under the parked car.  Pug… Puggggg… get outta there …  Scramble Scramble, squish out comes doggie with a humungous half eaten burrito in his mouth.  Looking at me with those gorgeous bulgy eyes like he has caught me a prize fish.  Damn but does he make me smile.

And here to share his limelight today is one cool cat.

Calamity Jane is growing up fast.  Look at her sitting there on my pillow like the Princess she was born to be.

Its been forever since my last confession…

Wait thats church.  I’ve been a bad blogger, yeah thats it, it has been forever since my last post …

Hello Internets!  I’m back!  I’ve been sick.  I cannot wait to catch up on all of your adventures.  In the meantime here are some pics of yet another haircut!  You know the rules – you must tell NerdGirl how beautiful she looks with the Katie Holmes pixie cut!  Ok? Promise?  Ok then here I am:

And take a look at ’em eyelashes… yowsa! 

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