NerdGirl’s news will have to wait

because tonight I experienced the legend that is Neil Diamond live in concert. 


I have news

But first a guessing game.

The news has to do with: three turns, brackets, counters, rockers, mohawks, choctaws, and twizzles…

any guesses blogland?  and no googling it!  =)  come on, play!

Davie Days

I spent Saturday with my friend Ryann.  She is one of those people that gets my juices flowing.  No, not those ones.  My brain.  My marbles.  My thoughts.  She challenges me and gets me thinking.  Our conversations consist of everything from sex to politics, from men to women, children, animals and the homeless.

Ryann is a lot of things – former (sometimes current) dancer, former paramedic, entrepreneur, fundraiser, blogger, artist and advocate.  You might remember me talking about volunteering my time for the auction portion of the Exotic Dancers for Cancer event?  She is one of the founders of that event (raised over fifteen grand this past year)!

This weekend Ryann and I took Junior and walked up Davie Street (the gaybourhood) to Davie Days.  My neighbourhood blocks Davie street to cars and fills it up with singers, dancers, food, art and information.  It was a great sunny day and Ryann and I had some girl talk, checked out some local art, challenged a local politician about his promises and filled our faces with ice cream from the Marble Slab.  Turns out we both know a guy I went to school with that turned into an ‘adult film’ producer!  Small world.  Funny stuff, good conversation and a nice day with a good friend.

Anyways, for those readers in Vancouver check out her website, Stiletto Storm and see if there are any events you might be interested in.  Ryann holds Seduction Workshops, round table discussions in Aphrodite’s Cafe and other fabulous events.  Check it out.


Life is peaceful.  Quiet.  Full of nice moments with old friends and new friends.  Nothing bad happening and nothing exciting happening.  Life is just trucking along quietly.  I kind of like it.  I find myself not inspired to write though.  I miss blogging.  I hope it comes back to me soon.

In the meantime I am going to go catch up on all of yours.  Dont leave me internets.  I’ll be back!