Happy Halloween from my sister

Doesn’t she look cute today???


NerdGirl is lame

Lame with a capital “L”.

My skating team volunteers at BC Place Stadium to serve beer for certain events.  Each of us gets money into our skating accounts for this ‘volunteer’ work.

Last night the event was Madonna.

After alcohol service was finished in the stadium (it was insanely busy!) there was at least another hour of concert left …

… the girls and I were invited by a security guard to go down to the floor and watch the rest of the concert…

cool right?

HA. Not.

Nerdy was too tired and went home to BED.

Let the NerdGirl bashing begin!  =)

The Beach

I am constantly moving…

And it feels good.

Work is busy.  Life is busy.

I feel productive.

My Ankles Hurt




As a child and then into my teens I was a competitive figure skater.  I was blessed with parents that encouraged such a wonderful activity.  And now I am blessed with a mom and a sister that are encouraging me in my pursuit of Synchro Skating Domination! 

I started training with an Adult Synchronized skating team and am enjoying it immensely.  My ankles are hurt and raw and my balance is off and I am way behind the other women – but it is worth it.  My sister and mom came out to the arena last night and watched our whole practice even though I am not going to be competing this season but they came out and supported my training anyways.  Sweet eh?

If you don’t know what Synchro Skating is – take a peek at this .

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