channeling “Tink” this Friday evening …

Its been a shit ass week!

If I were to phone her right now and ask what to do to relax after a shit ass week she would tell me to relax with a glass of red wine.  cheers!



Is it so bad that all I want to do is lay in bed with my blanket and furry family?  Janey and Junior get  me!  They understand me, they told me so!  =)

much better

Yesterday was a craptastic day.

From start to finish things just weren’t working.  None of the things major.  None of them alone too tragic.  But you add up a thousand or so ‘harmless’ little things and someone (me) was not happy.  Downright bitchy actually! 

But today…. Today is looking up already – and this is how the change in tide started:

I stepped into Starbucks and voila !!!!!!! ’tis the season for Starbucks Holiday Gingerbread!!!!!





This heavenly piece of sugary goodness is enough to cure whatever bitchiness you are feeling.  I recommend it for breakfast – that – and some dark chocolate. 

It makes me happy.  Im smiling – and really isn’t that all that matters?!  =)  Happy Kelly.  Happy world. =)

The Perfect Night

Me.  My mom.  My sister.  My dog Junior.  My mom’s dog Lady.  Sex and the City movie.  Pizza in one hand and a cupcake in the other.

I needed this!

Tell me, what are YOU up to tonight??