everything is as it should be

Coronation Street is back on.  Finally.  Bye bye Olympics, hello bad acting and high drama!



  • Lovely time with Megan tonight.  I do have a beautiful daughter.
  • Nice run home from the lounge that she works at.
  • Kitty has something against the new tree I bought at IKEA.  She seems to think it is a climbing wall.  It reacts by losing its leaves.  Then she chases them all over the hardwood.
  • My signature scent from MAC may have a run for its money.  I am loving this stuff.
  • Kitty seems to like the emergency cheap Fancy Feast crap better than the expensive stuff I normally buy for her!
  • Big Brother starts tonight – early because of the writer’s strike.  Yessss!
  • I have to go now, it smells like I have a kitty litter box to change before I can settle in to my couch to watch B.B.!

sunday morning rituals

I am sitting on the couch in my blanket with kitty … Coronation Street is on and I am waiting for Chico to return with my beloved McGriddles!  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Chico!?

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday morning too!

PS, NerdGirl may or may not have had a date last night.  And she may or may not have looked like Courtney Cox.  And NerdGirl may or may not have looked pretty darn good.  =)


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YIPPEE  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Season Two of Big Love is out on DVD!


I cannot wait to sink my pajama’d rump into the couch with some good eats and my best friend to settle in and watch this much anticipated second season. ~

If you have not had a chance to see this funny, intelligent HBO show, rent the first season.  It is about a Polygamist family  that leaves the compound to embark on a ‘normal’ life in the suburbs of Utah.

A wonderful cast includes Bill Paxton, Chloe Sevigny, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin.  We loved the first season.  A must see!

learned tonight: there are no rules…

… to life.


… or to handle life’s issues.

One of my blogging friends is in town for a few days.  While out tonight we were talking about our respective ‘ocd’ issues.  We found out we are handling some very similar issues in EXACT opposite ways.

While she is trying to change her ways by letting go a little more and choosing to accept that all things cannot always be in ‘order’ (brave!) … I have been embracing these little quirks for the first time in my life.  Just going with it instead of hiding it and feeling all irritable.  If I feel like straightening the books at Chapters while I pass them, dammit I will.  So there.  If it bothers me that the labels on my files are not in the same font, facing the same way then dammit when I have a second, I will change them.  If Monday mornings it makes me happy to start my week off with a bottle of windex and a roll of paper towel to clean my desk surfaces, then so be it.  If it makes me feel better to get the house all cleaned and in order before I go out the door or relax for the evening then I am going to take the time to do those things.

It was nice to talk to a friend about this.  To recognize there is no right or wrong way to deal with life’s challenges.  That there is no damned rule book – what works for one person may not work for another.

Anyways, because I have written about her fun quirks on here I havent told you which blogging friend she is … if she reads this and comments hopefully she will let you know who she is so you can visit her site too.  She is a beautiful writer.  And person.

Ok, blogging friends, I am off to watch the Samantha Who marathon.  Cute show.  Check it out.

“What if you had the chance to start over, to do it all again? For Samantha Newly (Ms. Applegate), this fantasy becomes a reality after a hit-and-run accident leaves her in an eight-day coma. When she awakens in the hospital, she is surrounded by family and friends. The only problem is that she has no idea who they are – or who she is. Sam quickly discovers she was a horrible person. Vain, selfish and potentially surrounded by far more enemies than friends. She makes a conscious decision to improve herself moving forward. She vows to make better choices, even though her instincts may not always steer her in the right direction …”

I am going to visit all of you on commercial breaks.  I suspect you have all been up to no good!

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