My Ankles Hurt




As a child and then into my teens I was a competitive figure skater.  I was blessed with parents that encouraged such a wonderful activity.  And now I am blessed with a mom and a sister that are encouraging me in my pursuit of Synchro Skating Domination! 

I started training with an Adult Synchronized skating team and am enjoying it immensely.  My ankles are hurt and raw and my balance is off and I am way behind the other women – but it is worth it.  My sister and mom came out to the arena last night and watched our whole practice even though I am not going to be competing this season but they came out and supported my training anyways.  Sweet eh?

If you don’t know what Synchro Skating is – take a peek at this .


Happy Birthday Mandy!!

My gorgeous and successful sister turns 31 today.  Happy Birthday Mandy!  Have a great day – hell make it a Birthday Week!

Enjoy your Diva Cupcake for breakfast!

a little setback

Good morning blogworld.

Thursday night I had a little setback in my health.  Nothing like last year – but enough to frighten me.  I am feeling a little bit ‘off’.  I cannot find another word to describe it.  I can just tell my brain isn’t firing quite right.  When I woke up Friday morning I was still feeling this way and by the time I got to work I was really not myself and knew it – I knew I needed to take action – I worked too hard last year to fight the defection of my brain to let it slip into control again.

I am not about to backslide now when my life is so good.  Im a fighter.


  1. Call in the troops.  Mom, Chico, boss.
  2. Make Dr. appointment (Monday).
  3. Cancel weekend plans that suddenly felt like obligations rather than fun.

I called mom to let her know what is going on.  Tough to do but necessary.  I struggle with worrying her but know that if I decide I need her over the weekend that she will be out to visit in a heartbeat.  That, in itself, is calming.  Yes, I know, I am lucky.  I then made a doctor appointment to check on the med situation and to talk about how I am feeling.  Knowing I get to see Dr. T. on Monday is very reassuring – he is a very important member of ‘team Kelly’.  I then emailed Chico to let him know what is going on and let my wonderful boss know I wasn’t feeling quite right.  I cancelled all my plans for the weekend (other than the painting!).  I feel the need for some ‘me’ time to sort out how I feel about my brain betraying me.  Cancelling the plays was kind of a bummer, but the right thing to do under the circumstances.

Chico is coming over tonight for a visit.  We are going to walk Junior, get some food, and relax in my freshly painted bachelorette pad.  He is going through a life changing time right now and just hanging together will be good for both of us.

So as you can see I am doing everything I am supposed to do.  This means it will work itself out.  I am confident of that.

So, this morning I got up and took Junior for his walk.  We ended up side by side on a local breakfast restaurant patio with the newspaper, sourdough toast and oatmeal!  Somewhat healthier than the usual McDonalds breakfast.  Hey – Im willing to try anything. 

We then went to pick out the paint at the local little neighbourhood hardware store as my painters are coming this afternoon.  I have posted below pictures of the two colours I bought.  Im not sure this accurately reflects the shades – they are more gray than purple and darker. 

Main Paint Colour – Alley  Cat:

Secondary Paint Colour – Flannel Pajamas:


I will post a picture when the painters leave today. 

I hope you are all doing well.  Thanks for your ‘ear’.

sometimes it just all comes together nicely …

First of all –  I had a lovely Mother’s Day with the family.  We made mom cry – In the good way (I think) !  I slept overnight at mom’s on Sunday and it felt nice to get up this morning, get ready for work and walk upstairs to my mom making me breakfast.  Apparently you are never too old for a little ‘mom time’!

As you all know I moved a few months back into a bachelor suite near the ocean.  I love it.  Fifteen minute walk to work and the ocean.just.right.THERE!  Right there.  Just a few blocks away.  The ocean.  You know the one.  The OCEAN. =)

I bought myself a leather sofa that folds down into a couch.  It looks pretty, it is easy to fold down, it came at a good price but it just isn’t comfortable to sleep on long term.  A girl my age needs a firm mattress!  During a recent IKEA trip I noticed one of their living rooms set up for a bachelor suite that included a bed, end tables, dresser, couch and small desk and tv cabinet.  The space was quite a bit smaller than the space I currently rent.  Thus, I have been trolling Craigslist lately to see if I can find a good daybed or nice double bed that would look nice with my current furniture.  I’ve been making little drawings of the ‘perfect layout to Kelly’s bachelorette pad’ and dreaming about a proper mattress again (I could have stayed another few nights on mom’s comfy gues bed!)… so tonight – new ad up on Craigslist

IKEA platform frame in dark wood with new Sultana mattress – $100.00 – available last week of May!


I emailed Noah

“Hi there, am interested in your bed.  I live at *** and *** and do not drive, are you nearby?”


“Funny thing – I live at *** and *** too!  Come on by and see it.  Here is my address **** **** Street.”

I throw on the jeans, walk outside to NEXT DOOR – thats right – the building right next door – ring the buzzer and take a peek at my new bed!  Done deal.

Like I said, some things are just meant to be!

Happy Monday blogging friends.  I hope you all had a great weekend!

just lovely =)

From Megz’ Cell:

Mama I really hope you are having a good day! 🙂

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