no willpower here

Towards the end of the day yesterday one of these babies ended up in my mouth.  Haven’t got a clue where it came from or how it ended up in my mouth with the wrapper on the floor!

So much for my cleanse!  It lasted a whole three days!

I do not even feel bad about my lack of willpower.  How could I with chocolate and caramel dripping from the corners of my mouth?

Big news:

Some very interesting changes are happening on the dating front.  I am going to keep them close to my chest for awhile.  I can tell you it was an unexpected turn and I am welcoming it with an open heart and open arms.

Send good vibes our way ok?


next step part II

“Just hand over the McGriddle and nobody gets hurt.”

Nuff said!


Damn you for this hold you have on me.  I have to have you every morning.

But this morning… This morning I finally convinced myself to break free.


For breakfast.

Without bacon.

Or ketchup.

I let you go McDonalds!  Take that!

And what do you do ??  You! You! You damn you, you bring out your two for one coupons!  Taunting me.  Enticing me.  But I am stronger than that.  I can beat this.



sunday morning rituals

I am sitting on the couch in my blanket with kitty … Coronation Street is on and I am waiting for Chico to return with my beloved McGriddles!  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Chico!?

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday morning too!

PS, NerdGirl may or may not have had a date last night.  And she may or may not have looked like Courtney Cox.  And NerdGirl may or may not have looked pretty darn good.  =)


I miss blogging.

I miss my blogging friends and their stories.

I have been so busy, but in a good way.  Life has a way of just getting back to normal by throwing you in. 

Tonight thirteen of the girls from work attended a Dine Out Vancouver event.  We went to SIP lounge.  The dinner was awesome!  The dessert: two little cups of cheesecake.  One a mango liquer cheesecake and the other a chambord cheesecake.  The entire table of girls let out a collective orgasm sigh when they tasted it!

Three courses all for 25$!  Check out the menu if you get a chance.  Every item on the menu is made with alcohol.

I know I usually write more but I am dying to sign off and go read about what all of you have been up to!

Have you been good? 

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