down day


Today was littered with disappointment.

I know that some days we will feel let down and unhappy.

I know that everyday cannot be perfect.

But do the disappointments need to come at you all in one day?

Perhaps something pleasing will come my way tomorrow …


on worth

My family and Chico have been helping me so much in the last four months.

I feel important to the people that I love.

I recognize my worth to them.

I have spent lots of time with my family and Chico.  I have cried endlessly, laughed at myself a little, talked when I needed to and sat silently when I could not talk.  They gave me what I needed when I needed it.  I spent weekends at my mom’s, weekend’s at Chico’s parents and lots of hours with my best friend.  On Monday night I had a sleepover with my sister in her gorgeous condo in Coquitlam.  We stayed up and chatted like girls do until 2 a.m.!

Today, I took another big step and was rewarded with affirmation of my worth to people outside of my family and close friends.

I was reminded that I have touched other lives in a positive way. 

Here are some pics of me – with a smiling face as I left my house today.

It feels good to smile.

012.jpg    013.jpg

strong yet delicate. the perfect combination.


My favourite flower. 

The Peony.  A white one, specifically.  Full and heavy with moisture, delicate yet strong, fragrant without insult, commanding your attention without demanding it.  Perfect in it’s tight robust bud before bloom, and soft and silky to the touch after bloom… perfection ….

*Sigh* It is a beautiful day today.  I am feeling like myself.  The real Kelly today.  Things are not perfect in my world – who has that anyways?  But I am ok.  I have things to look forward to.

Dinner tonite:  I am making broiled maui ribs, sticky white rice, broccoli and a fresh fruit salad with a dollup of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream on top!  Beat that!

I am feeling thankful for the love of a best friend, my mom, my family, old friends, new friends and my internet blogging friends.  Each and every one of you have played a role in how I feel today.


a very big announcement

I am going back to work!

I am a legal assistant.  I love what I do.  I believe I am an organized assistant, I enjoy my work, I try to do what I can to keep my lawyer’s practice ticking along.  I work for a large firm for a lovely lawyer.  She is smart as a whip, incredibly hard working, fair and full of encouragement.

Anyways, Doc, counsellor and I came up with a back-to-work plan.  The short of end of it:

  • back to work December 3, part-time;
  • each week of December upping the hours/days of work; and
  • back to full-time after Christmas in January.

I emailed this plan to the H.R. manager at work and to the lawyer I work for.  I explained to them both in the email that I understood any plan had to work for the firm and for my lawyer’s practice.  I told them both I understood if my returning part-time would make it impossible to return to my desk and that I would be happy to be one of the floater assistants, if necessary.

I am one lucky girl.

The response to my plan was well received – and it sounds like I am wanted back exactly where I was.

*Sigh* of relief.


I learned the most difficult lesson of my life yesterday.

I can lead you.  I can help you.  I can support you.  I can encourage, hold your hand and love you with all I have.  I can advocate on your behalf.  What I cannot do is make you want change for yourself.

“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

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