The Beach


my little fisherman

So a girl and her doggie were walking in their neighbourhood one night.  The girl stops to look at a garden and doggie sniffs around a parked car.  Girl hears a scrambling and can see nothing but doggie’s butt under the parked car.  Pug… Puggggg… get outta there …  Scramble Scramble, squish out comes doggie with a humungous half eaten burrito in his mouth.  Looking at me with those gorgeous bulgy eyes like he has caught me a prize fish.  Damn but does he make me smile.

And here to share his limelight today is one cool cat.

Calamity Jane is growing up fast.  Look at her sitting there on my pillow like the Princess she was born to be.

best friends

My daughter Megan and her friend Krystal … Beautiful Girls!!


the view from tonight’s evening walk.

janey and junior

 Im one lucky girl.



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