my apologies …

for abandoning you.  I’ve been a neglectful blogger.  I am back though and committed to putting a few words on here on a more regular basis again!  First, Im going to go check in on all of you and see what you have been up to!



ellen did nice things for nerdgirl today

+gave me a comfy chair for my suite

+delivered it

+bought me a couple beers

what she got in return

=car towed


“where’s the truck?”

“i thought you parked a block up…”


nerdgirl’s response “bahahahahbahaha – oops i shouldnt laugh – but i cant stop – bahahahhhha”

think ellen will ever do anything nice for nerdgirl again??

sometimes it just all comes together nicely …

First of all –  I had a lovely Mother’s Day with the family.  We made mom cry – In the good way (I think) !  I slept overnight at mom’s on Sunday and it felt nice to get up this morning, get ready for work and walk upstairs to my mom making me breakfast.  Apparently you are never too old for a little ‘mom time’!

As you all know I moved a few months back into a bachelor suite near the ocean.  I love it.  Fifteen minute walk to work and the ocean.just.right.THERE!  Right there.  Just a few blocks away.  The ocean.  You know the one.  The OCEAN. =)

I bought myself a leather sofa that folds down into a couch.  It looks pretty, it is easy to fold down, it came at a good price but it just isn’t comfortable to sleep on long term.  A girl my age needs a firm mattress!  During a recent IKEA trip I noticed one of their living rooms set up for a bachelor suite that included a bed, end tables, dresser, couch and small desk and tv cabinet.  The space was quite a bit smaller than the space I currently rent.  Thus, I have been trolling Craigslist lately to see if I can find a good daybed or nice double bed that would look nice with my current furniture.  I’ve been making little drawings of the ‘perfect layout to Kelly’s bachelorette pad’ and dreaming about a proper mattress again (I could have stayed another few nights on mom’s comfy gues bed!)… so tonight – new ad up on Craigslist

IKEA platform frame in dark wood with new Sultana mattress – $100.00 – available last week of May!


I emailed Noah

“Hi there, am interested in your bed.  I live at *** and *** and do not drive, are you nearby?”


“Funny thing – I live at *** and *** too!  Come on by and see it.  Here is my address **** **** Street.”

I throw on the jeans, walk outside to NEXT DOOR – thats right – the building right next door – ring the buzzer and take a peek at my new bed!  Done deal.

Like I said, some things are just meant to be!

Happy Monday blogging friends.  I hope you all had a great weekend!

actual conversation today – kinda funny

Me (obviously, not serious): “Why are you such an ass*?” =)

Him (three guesses who): “I am not a ass*. I am just being me. The fact that society puts me in that category and labels me as an asshole is beyond my control.” =)

These are the kinda serious conversations we have. Seriously. =) It is fun to have this kind of friend … =) at least he has a good answer for everything!!

insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous
vulgar slang for anus [syn: arse]

Tofino and a Simpsons movie!

As you know this is my big holiday this year!


  1. We are going to stay an extra night! Yippee!
  2. Staying in Ucluelet (can’t wait to try and say that drunk!) instead of Tofino. Two nights there and one night at a friend of a friend of a friend’s house. Here’s a lovely pic of the beach in Ucluelet:

Questions and Answer section:

The answer to your question – my wonderful friends with the “hungry for information, enquiring minds want to know attitude” …

Your big email question of the day yesterday seems to be – “who is the sexy girl???”

… I am thrilled you are all so excited about my love life, really I am.

And thanks for asking privately, not via blog …

… But sorry to disappoint … and be ever-so-boring … (did you really think I’d write about it anyways??? )

… but the ‘”sexy girl” is a friend who happens to be sexy. =)

I am guilty of sensationalizing for the sake of the ‘blog’. Geez, do you have to call me on EVERYTHING? =)

Anyways, moving on … apparently we are going to try surfing! I see stitches in my future! =) Ouch! Good thing there is a plastic surgeon in the family now!

About the third night – last night (actually once before too) I met the woman we are staying with on the third night. She plays hockey on “sexy girl’s” hockey team – and – to be completely honest – she scares me a little … actually the thought of “sexy girl” and her wreaking havoc (sp?) on the shores of Van. Isle. have me MORE than a little nervous, hee hee!

I have a feeling it will be an adventurous couple of days for little old KellyNerd. Yikes! Bring on the healing qualities of gin! =)

AND on a COMPLETELY different subject … as if camping was not enough … The Simpson’s Movie is coming out this weekend! I am so excited to see it. I am excited for YOU (yes, you) to see it too, I know you’ve waited a long time for it!

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