a game of what if?

Sizzle posted this today.  It got me thinking (I know, I know, what doesn’t right?)

Sizzle’s post made me think about her question – What if?

What if you could do anything you wanted?

Without regret?

Without limitations?

Without worry?

Without consequences?

What would you do if you had the freedom to do what you wanted?  Free from whatever restrictions you think or feel are holding you back?

My immediate answer to her was (in short) leave.  I would sell everything (I have nothing) and leave.  See the world.  Experience it all.  Feel the earth between my toes on the other side of the world.  See the people of the world.  Feel their emotions, experience their lives, listen to their dreams, listen to their struggles and feel their desires.  Taste it.  Everything.  All of it.  Everywhere.  gone.

Limitations:  Love my job, love my home.  Love my family, friends, kitten and life.

Other limitations:  Fear, (money? probably not an issue, it can be made along the way).  So fear I guess.

Fear of what: Regret?  Not really me.  I can be impulsive and try not to live with regrets.  What then?  What really stops any one of us from just doing what we want?  When you think of the people who are truly happy they are not the ones with ‘things’, they are the ones who ‘do’.  The people that are truly happy are the ones who decide what they want out of life and just DO it.  No ‘I WISH’.  They DO.

I need to think about this some more.  While I am off thinking  – tell me – What if?  Answer that question.  Don’t just lurk behind the scenes reading my blog, participate on this one.  I want to know what you would do.  Tell me your dreams, desires, needs and wants.  I want to know it all.  Do not hold back.  Do it anonymously if you have to (especially if the dream is a grand love affair that may or may not involve cheating! lol)… just do it.  You too mom, family and friends.  I want to know.

Enquiring minds (NerdGirl) wants to know.



an impromptu poll

The question:

Am I the only one NOT having cybersex?  (Or any sex for that matter?  Do NOT answer that one …)


I have heard from a few people lately that their ‘bits’ have been on the web lately…  Or on the phone … texting sex?  Really???

I must be a prude.

So tell all readers, anonymously if you must.  Although, if your bits are out there anyways, that ship has sailed!

I’ll warn my mom not to read!!!!

random lessons learned today…

 … and a few NerdGirl secrets

  • The sound of the rain spatter on an umbrella drowns out the obnoxious sounds of the city.
  • The umbrella will not, unfortunately, protect you from taxis (or any other vehicles) when you step into the street on a DO NOT walk sign.
  • NerdGirl does this a lot.
  • The aquabus ride across the harbour is even more soothing in the rain.  Nice.
  • I need to make some personal changes.  Yes more.  I realized today, just today, I have yet another habit that is hurting my relationships. 
  • I suck.  Already, just four hours after my counselling appointment I am struggling with my resolution to make this change.
  • I think a lot.
  • Thinking a lot does not make me smart.  I tried to fool myself with this idea – but a lot of the time (almost all of the time) the thoughts just go in circles.
  • Flowers are really pretty.  The smell of flower water five days later, is NOT.
  • I can be unreasonable sometimes.  Ok, I already knew this one.  I am just reconfirming that trait still exists.  I know this shocks my readers but there it is, NerdGirl is not perfect.
  • My blog seems so personal to you all, but you have no idea how much MORE there is to NerdGirl …
  • When you cannot get to McDonalds – an A&W Bacon and Egger does not replace a McGriddle.  Not even a little bit.
  • I am addicted to McGriddles.
  • It crossed my mind today to move.  Not because I want a puppy so badly, not because of anything sane, but because I want to be closer to a McDonalds.  Analyze that!
  • Suze Orman is gay.
  • Nasaboy linked to me and I am such a nerdobot it made my day!


I’m hurting.

It started out as a little itch in the back of my throat around 8 pm.

9 pm it became sore on the left side.

10 pm I am really hurting – both sides.

11 pm the whining starts. Oh oh.

I really hurt. Fix it.

Please fix it.

Woke up at one, two, three, four. I was still hurting. Moved to couch. Cannot make my hurt go away. =(

I have a silly idea to take my mind off it today. … Please tell me a SECRET! Anonymously in the comments section. All.of.you. PLEASE. I will put one in there myself (anonymously). I’ll let one of my secrets out there on blogland… so please please please (cue whiny voice) play along!

the secret game

Those of you who have the unfortunate distinction of being one of my inner circle of loved ones knows that I have an annoying, obnoxious habit (i call it a ‘game’) of asking you to tell me a secret.

Some of you played along with me for years. I love – LOVE! the game.

The first time I ask someone to tell me a secret the answer is always the most fun! The expression on the person’s face when he/she realizes that I am actually serious and really do want a secret revealed to me is priceless. I never know what you are going to come up with. And you never, ever disappoint me in what you come up with.

Sometimes people tell me secrets about themselves, fun stuff, dirty stuff, deep dark stuff, or good stuff they feel about me (those are my favourite). Sometimes people tell me secrets they are holding for OTHER people. FUN!

My daughter, Chico and a few others are now at the point now that when I ask for a secret I get the ‘eye roll’ and a big “forget it girl, I’m not playing that game anymore”. My secret about the Secret Game is that one secret is never enough for me. As soon as I realize that you are willing to play along, I will keep asking and asking and asking.

I want to know it all.

Well. Recently the Blog Gods wanted to make me happy … they dropped a blog all about secrets into my lap:


People write a secret on a post card (anonymously) send it in to the address on the website. The Secret Blogger scans and puts it on his/her website! Some of the stuff is really juicy, some of it is downright dirty and some of it is really really sad. =(

Check it out when you have a minute. I was keeping it my little secret for awhile but am now sharing.

If any of you out there reading this post today love me … you’ll send me a secret in the comments section…

Come on…

… show the love….

… you know you want to.

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