who needs humans …

when you have these two? …


sometimes it just all comes together nicely …

First of all –  I had a lovely Mother’s Day with the family.  We made mom cry – In the good way (I think) !  I slept overnight at mom’s on Sunday and it felt nice to get up this morning, get ready for work and walk upstairs to my mom making me breakfast.  Apparently you are never too old for a little ‘mom time’!

As you all know I moved a few months back into a bachelor suite near the ocean.  I love it.  Fifteen minute walk to work and the ocean.just.right.THERE!  Right there.  Just a few blocks away.  The ocean.  You know the one.  The OCEAN. =)

I bought myself a leather sofa that folds down into a couch.  It looks pretty, it is easy to fold down, it came at a good price but it just isn’t comfortable to sleep on long term.  A girl my age needs a firm mattress!  During a recent IKEA trip I noticed one of their living rooms set up for a bachelor suite that included a bed, end tables, dresser, couch and small desk and tv cabinet.  The space was quite a bit smaller than the space I currently rent.  Thus, I have been trolling Craigslist lately to see if I can find a good daybed or nice double bed that would look nice with my current furniture.  I’ve been making little drawings of the ‘perfect layout to Kelly’s bachelorette pad’ and dreaming about a proper mattress again (I could have stayed another few nights on mom’s comfy gues bed!)… so tonight – new ad up on Craigslist

IKEA platform frame in dark wood with new Sultana mattress – $100.00 – available last week of May!


I emailed Noah

“Hi there, am interested in your bed.  I live at *** and *** and do not drive, are you nearby?”


“Funny thing – I live at *** and *** too!  Come on by and see it.  Here is my address **** **** Street.”

I throw on the jeans, walk outside to NEXT DOOR – thats right – the building right next door – ring the buzzer and take a peek at my new bed!  Done deal.

Like I said, some things are just meant to be!

Happy Monday blogging friends.  I hope you all had a great weekend!


Last night was fun. Here is the proof:  a smiling NerdGirl!


It involved a live band, being up past ten pm, a few drinks and a date!

~  More later after my nap ~

a game of what if?

Sizzle posted this today.  It got me thinking (I know, I know, what doesn’t right?)

Sizzle’s post made me think about her question – What if?

What if you could do anything you wanted?

Without regret?

Without limitations?

Without worry?

Without consequences?

What would you do if you had the freedom to do what you wanted?  Free from whatever restrictions you think or feel are holding you back?

My immediate answer to her was (in short) leave.  I would sell everything (I have nothing) and leave.  See the world.  Experience it all.  Feel the earth between my toes on the other side of the world.  See the people of the world.  Feel their emotions, experience their lives, listen to their dreams, listen to their struggles and feel their desires.  Taste it.  Everything.  All of it.  Everywhere.  gone.

Limitations:  Love my job, love my home.  Love my family, friends, kitten and life.

Other limitations:  Fear, (money? probably not an issue, it can be made along the way).  So fear I guess.

Fear of what: Regret?  Not really me.  I can be impulsive and try not to live with regrets.  What then?  What really stops any one of us from just doing what we want?  When you think of the people who are truly happy they are not the ones with ‘things’, they are the ones who ‘do’.  The people that are truly happy are the ones who decide what they want out of life and just DO it.  No ‘I WISH’.  They DO.

I need to think about this some more.  While I am off thinking  – tell me – What if?  Answer that question.  Don’t just lurk behind the scenes reading my blog, participate on this one.  I want to know what you would do.  Tell me your dreams, desires, needs and wants.  I want to know it all.  Do not hold back.  Do it anonymously if you have to (especially if the dream is a grand love affair that may or may not involve cheating! lol)… just do it.  You too mom, family and friends.  I want to know.

Enquiring minds (NerdGirl) wants to know.


queen of clean

I love cleaning products.  All of them. Going to Shoppers Drug Mart and stocking up on everything and going home to clean the entire house – this makes me happy.  I know, weird, right?  I am ok with that.  Neat and tidy, germ free (at least as close as I can be) and everything in its place.  All things necessary in NerdGirl’s world.

So tonight I am at the store picking up a few things, one of them, windex.  The packaging for Method window cleaner caught my eye.  Kind of cute, actually all their products are.  I looked a little closer, it is pretty, cheap and enviro-friendly!  By golly, I think I have found a new line of cleaning products!  It is like falling in love these little finds!  I get home, clear everything off my glass tables and spray … wait a minute, what is that smell????  MINT!  My new window cleaner smells like mint.

I know what you are thinking … this cannot get any better for little old NerdGirl … but I find myself googling Method cleaning products and guess what?  They.have.a.PEOPLEAGAINSTDIRTYBLOG !!!  Hallafreakingluuyah!  I am in love!

OH.my.  Look at this:


This is a detox kit.  Everything you need to detox your home in one kit.  Online for 28.00!!!  Somebody please please send this to me!

Ok, I have to go lay down or have a cigarette or something.  This was all a little much for NerdGirl!

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